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Painting allows me to explore and evolve the way I express myself visually.  Having trained formally as an architect, I spend a lot of time letting go as a painter.  Architects are trained to organize, order, process, analyze, design.........we are trained to consider and control each detail.  As a painter I do not want to control the outcome as much as I desire to discover it.

I work to paint what I think about an image rather than just what I see.  I desire essence and soulfulness, not truth and not accuracy....just my truth. 

I am drawn to the inherent organizing systems of an image as well as the sensuality of surface.  I hope for my work to take the viewer beyond the materialistic aspects of our culture to a more experiential realm where they can see beyond objects, into relationships, juxtapositions, surface, and layers. I fragment objects so that I can orient the viewer to see the organization of pieces.   The surfaces that make an object, also define an adjacent negative space, so there is a constant play between positive and negative.   I am interested also in where the “canvas space” occurs, within the  canvas  or on the floor between painting and viewer.

Oil on canvas has been my primary medium, however, I have developed a body of work in acrylic that allows me freedom to express visual ideas in a different way.  It integrates photographic images with painting on canvas.    I am intrigued with stitched canvas as it is visceral and real.  It suggests different things in different works.  My work in general, is architectural and I have experimented with integrating architectural artifacts into my paintings.   I have explored the succession of small, moving bridges over the Harlem River in New York City and the space they create between them.  The work that is not architectural is still very involved with form and space.  In a month long painting residency in New Mexico, I worked on oil technique and focus through plein-air painting.

The act of painting alters my relationship to time.   I strive to transport viewers to a more meditative place as well.

All paintings are for sale unless otherwise marked.  Please contact me with any questions. 

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